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Doorbell Installation


App Installation


1. Know Your System

  • Use the illustration below to get to know the different components of your new Notifi Elite doorbell.


2. Mount the Push Button Backplate

  • Remove existing wired push button.
  • Using a small flathead screwdriver, push in tab on bottom of push button to remove back.
  • Insert the existing push button wires through the hole just below the terminal screws.
  • Attach backplate to wall using the #6 screws provided (only use the screws included to ensure proper installation).

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to bend the metal contacts during the backplate installation or while connecting the wires to the backplate.



3. Wire the Push Button Backplate

  • Attach the two wires from the chime and transformer to the screw terminals on the push button backplate. NOTE: The wires may be connected to either screw.
  • Hook top of cover onto top of backplate and rotate down until cover snaps into place.



4. Install the Power Module

  • Remove the chime cover from the existing chime.
  • Label the chime wires according to the terminal they are attached to (TRANS, FRONT, REAR).
  • Remove the transformer (TRANS) wire and connect it to one of the wires on the power module using the wire quick connect (included). Connect the power module spade connector on this wire to the transformer (TRANS) screw terminal.
  • Remove the wire going to the Notifi Elite doorbell (either FRONT or REAR) and connect it to the other wire on the power module using the wire quick connect (included). Connect the power module spade connector on this wire to the screw terminal the wire was previously attached to.
  • Use the double-sided tape to attach the power module to the chime (if space is available behind the chime cover) or to the outside of the chime cover.
  • Replace the cover.

IMPORTANT: Do not allow the power module or wires to cover the speaker (electronic chime) as this may affect the sound of the chime when activated. See Example 1.

IMPORTANT: Do not install the power module in a mechanical chime (tone bars). See Example 2.



5. Download the Notifi App

  • Go to the App Store℠ or Google Play™ and search for the “Notifi Connected Products” app and download.


6. Setup the Notifi App and Camera

  • IMPORTANT: Your home password will be required during this process.
  • Allow 1 minute to fully boot-up.
  • On your mobile device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Select the “Notifi Elite XXXX” (“XXXX” represents the unique MAC address of each Notifi Elite doorbell) from the available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Once connected, open the Notifi app. The app will detect your new Notifi system.
  • Select “YES” to start the setup and the app will guide you through the remaining steps.
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